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Critical Needs Program

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The Critical Needs Program Supports...


COVID-19 Crisis

With the spread of Covid-19, our community finds itself in an unprecedented situation. Many families with children at Fargo Public Schools are struggling to make ends meet. Please consider a donation to our Critical Needs Program which helps families with basic or critical needs. This can include health related needs, meals, winter weather gear, clothing, hygiene supplies, etc. Meeting these basic needs helps support a positive environment for students and families to thrive.

For Fargo Public Schools information about COVID-19 CLICK HERE.

Vires acquirit eundo!
“We gather strength as we go.”

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“This is my supper.” Student states after taking a banana and breakfast bar. “I don’t get much, if any food at home.” These statements are heard far too often by teachers, staff and administration, to help with situations like these the Critical Needs Program was established.

The Critical Needs Program is organized by the Fargo Public Schools Development Foundation to ensure that each and every student who needs help with basic needs receives support. A school administrator states, “We are seeing a greater number of middle school students who do not even have a winter coat. Actually, some students are constantly moving from house to house of friends, because they no longer have support from their family.” 

When basic or critical needs such as winter weather gear, school supplies, meals, health related needs, etc., are not met, students struggle to learn and receive a valuable education. 

These youth are often at-risk of missing many days of school or dropping out altogether. Meeting these needs helps support a positive learning environment, because when basic needs are not being met students are not able to focus or learn.


2019-20 Impacts...Thank You!

  • 34 Innovative Ed, Literacy & Music Grants

    Totaling $50,108

  • 116 Scholarships Funded

    Totaling $100,600

  • 3,500 Students Receiving Critical Needs Help

    Totaling $169,951

  • All 2019-20 Emergency Lunch Debt Covered

    Funds Raised $52,615

Thank you to our Adopt-A-School Partners!

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