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Fargo Public Schools Staff

Fargo Public Schools Staff

  • Muriel began teaching in the Fargo Public Schools in 1952, first as a substitute teacher at Jefferson Elementary. She was later hired full-time and was the first married woman with a child to be given a regular contract by the Fargo Public Schools. It was the beginning of a long career in teaching young children in Fargo. She taught at Jefferson Elementary, Clara Barton Elementary, and Washington Elementary, and helped to begin an experimental pre-school program for Fargo Public School.

  • Steve’s last career was teaching, and it was something he was very passionate about. Steve loved his career. He was a very popular teacher and won Teacher of the Year at Davies High School in 2020.

    Steve was responsible for the addition and development of knowledge bowl at Davies and led his team to a state championship. He also was responsible for the development of AP Macro and Microeconomics, as well as AP History in the district. Steve worked tirelessly to be a great teacher and to build relationships with students. He often spent his time writing letters of recommendation for students seeking grant, scholarship or collegiate opportunities and was proud to have procured funding for many to attend college.

  • Fargo Public Schools~ Teacher at Lincoln Elementary, Clara Barton and Washington Elementary. Carl Ben Eielson, Library Media Specialist.
    He began working with the Fargo Public Schools in 1995 as a teacher at Lincoln Elementary School. In his time with the district, he taught at Lincoln, Clara Barton, and Washington Elementary Schools, before joining Carl Ben Eielson as a library media specialist. During his career, Rob worked closely with elementary summer school programming, has been an integral part of the middle school tech camp experience, instructed courses in education through local & regional colleges, and served on numerous professional organizations and committees.

  • Fargo Public Schools~ Substitute Teacher

  • Worked for Fargo Public Schools as a teacher and a librarian until her retirement in 1983. Stella was an educator at heart and instilled the love of reading in her nieces and nephews.

  • Fargo Public Schools~ Ben Franklin Elementary

  • Worked for 20 years for the Fargo School system in maintenance – most of those years were spent at Lincoln Elementary.
    (U.S. Navy and U.S. Naval Reserve. Served on the USS Cabot, WWII Veteran)

  • Fargo Public Schools~ Superintendent 1971-1999. While superintendent in Fargo, Vern started Woodrow Wilson alternative school and along with Bob Johnson, Warren Gullickson and creative teachers initiated Trollwood Performing Arts School. In addition, he has had the honor of having Bennett Elementary School named after him.
    (U.S. Army)

  • Nancy spent the last 20 years of her teaching career at Horace Mann Elementary School, retiring in 1985.

  • Fargo Public Schools Administrator

  • Fargo Public Schools~ McKinley Elementary, Literacy Education

  • Barb started teaching at Fargo North High School in 1975, where she taught for 28 years, retiring in 2003 for health reasons. She loved the students and challenged them to see the best in others. While she enjoyed the sewing and cooking classes, teaching child development had a special place in her heart.

  • Nancy was an educator Fargo Public Schools for forty years as a classroom teacher, special education teacher, special education consultant, and for twenty-five years as an elementary principal at Hawthorne Elementary School and Lincoln Elementary School.

    During her tenure with the Fargo Public Schools, she developed and was the director of the Gifted and Talented Program; she is so proud the program continues today. She was blessed to have wonderful students and teachers and she said she never worked a day for she loved being an educator. She served as president and editor of the North Dakota Elementary Principals Organization and on the board of Teacher Professional Practices Commission. She was a 1992 recipient of the prestigious national Milken Educator Award, the 1993 North Dakota Distinguished Principal, and the 2005 recipient of the Humanitarian Award from the Council for Exceptional Children.

  • Shirley spent more than 30 years as an attendance secretary at Ben Franklin Middle School and Discovery Middle School.

  • Fargo Public Schools~ Math Teacher Fargo North High School. Rod was an incredibly talented man. He took his teaching very seriously, and always made sure that his students understood new math concepts. He treasured his students and colleagues at Fargo North High and enjoyed being part of student and faculty activities for the past seventeen years.

  • Amy enjoyed working at Bennett Elementary as a paraprofessional for many years. She made wonderful friendships there.

  • Fargo Public Schools~ Building Services, Ben Franklin and Woodrow Wilson

  • Fargo Public Schools 40 year educator, retired in 2015.

  • Fargo Public Schools~ Madison Elementary, Library Paraprofessional

  • Kathy worked at Ben Franklin Junior High School as a library paraprofessional from 1975-1990.

  • From 1965-1968, he taught at Fargo North High School there he was Basketball Coach and Assistance Football Coach. From 1967-1975, he served as Assistant Principal and Athletic Director. He served as Principal of Fargo North High School from 1975-1990.

    He served as Chairman of the Eastern Dakota Athletic Conference from 1979-1980. From 1977-1984, he served on the Board of North Dakota High School Activities Association and was President of the association in 1981-1982. During 1981-1982, he also served on the Executive Committee of the National Federation of State High School Associations.

    From 1974-1985, he served on the Board of Directors of the North Dakota Central Association of Colleges and Schools. From 1986-1989, he served on the Executive Board of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools. From 1986-1990, he served on the North Dakota Council on Vocational Education. He retired in 1990.
    (U.S. Army, Korean War Veteran)

  • Marge spent most of her career teaching in the Fargo Public School System, the majority of those years at Ben Franklin Junior High School. She taught language arts and home economics to students in special education.

  • Darrell started teaching for Fargo Public Schools in 1972. He taught at Fargo South for his entire 28-year career. He was a strong advocate for vocational education and was VICA advisor for many years. He spent many nights sitting in the halls of motels at VICA conventions watching for unsuspecting wayward students.
    (U.S. Army)

  • Fargo Public Schools~ Fargo South, Business Education Teacher, 1969-1971

  • Worked as a school cook and paraprofessional at Fargo Public Schools.

  • Jim taught and coached speech at Fargo South High School and taught English.

  • Janice was a kitchen manager at Carl Ben Eielson Elementary School before retirement.

  • Pat was a school teacher for 35 years, teaching Gifted and Talented as well as English at Fargo Public Schools.

  • Charlie Fleck taught elementary physical education for the Fargo Public Schools from 1973 to 1995. During his first five years of teaching, Charlie served as assistant gymnastics coach at Fargo South. Fleck was a teacher in the Fargo school system for 25 years and was the head gymnastics coach from 1978-1994 at Fargo South where his teams won 18 straight region championships, nine state championships and four National High School Gymnastics Coaches Association championships. His teams included 103 All-Americans and seven national individual champions.

  • Fargo Public Schools~ Lincoln Elementary

  • Fargo Public Schools~ Bus Driver, 1994-2009

  • Worked as a substitute teacher and later taught 9th grade English at Fargo South High School.

  • Roger taught Art at Fargo South High School for over 30 years.

  • Fargo Public Schools~ In 1960 and Paul began his teaching career at Lewis and Clark Elementary School. In 1970 he transferred to Agassiz Junior High School as a social studies teacher for three years before being appointed Assistant Principal and Activities Coordinator in 1973. Paul retired as co-principal of Agassiz in 1995 due to health.

  • Barbara worked at Fargo Public Schools as a teacher’s aide. For over 20 years Barb taught piano lessons and worked side by side with the teachers in Fargo. In 2012, Barb retired.

  • Warren was a proud and enthusiastic employee of the Fargo Public Schools for 40 years. He began teaching and coaching at Agassiz in 1959. He received his MS in 1964 and was assistant principal at Agassiz from 1967-1972. Summers were spent raising his children, working for the park district, and coaching junior legion baseball. In 1972, he became principal of Ben Franklin Junior High, and he was thrilled when the school won the prestigious Excellence in Education Award by the U.S. Office of Education in the 1982-83 school year. He was most proud of the amazing teachers, staff, and students, and the incredible drama program, which was the foundation for the Trollwood Performing Arts Center, for whom he was an ardent lifelong supporter. He was President of the N.D. Secondary Principals, President of the N.D. Council of School Administrators, and selected by the National Association of Secondary Principals as being “representative of the most effective Middle-Level Principals in the country” in 1982. In 1994, he became the first principal of Discovery Junior High School, and retired in 1999.

  • In 1971, Wally began working for Steiger Tractor in Fargo, He later took a job at National Sun Industries in Enderlin and lastly, he worked for the Fargo Public Schools at Ben Franklin Jr. High until retiring due to ill health.
    (U.S. Navy)

  • Fargo Public Schools~ Principal, Jefferson Elementary, Retired 1986

  • Bob and Adele moved to Fargo, ND, in 1964 where he taught business classes for Fargo Public Schools and served as an assistant basketball coach. After Fargo Central burned down in 1966, Bob worked the remainder of his teaching and coaching career at Fargo South High School. Bob coached basketball until the mid-1970’s and taught business, accounting, and typing classes until his retirement in 1994.
    (U.S. Army)

  • Marlene took her first teaching position at Lincoln Elementary school in Fargo, ND. Marlene went on to teach for over thirty years in special education, impacting the lives of countless students within the Fargo Public Schools.

  • Fargo Public Schools~ Taught at Fargo Central, Fargo South. Retired as Special Education teacher in 1995.

  • Ron worked as a teacher and basketball coach and completed this career at Fargo South High School.

  • Darlene worked from home the majority of her life before working in the office at Ben Franklin Junior High and Fargo South High School.

  • Fargo Public Schools~ Jefferson Elementary, second grade. "Gladys was committed to making every student feel special and valued, and to developing each child’s individual strengths. Glady’s compassion and empathy for the children of the poor and immigrants were especially well known. Child refugees whose families had escaped the Soviet bloc and Southeast Asia were routed to her classroom. So many of her former students regard her as the best teacher they ever had."

  • Ralph began teaching at Fargo South High School in Fargo, ND, where he spent the entirety of his thirty-four year career. He retired in 2001 and then was a substitute teacher for five years.

  • Sandy (Mrs. McNair) impacted the lives of hundreds of young people as she taught for close to 30 years at several elementary schools in the Fargo area. Her special gift was instilling the love of reading in her young learners. Many of her students have stayed in touch through the years and have openly shared the positive influence that Sandy has had on their lives. What a tribute!

  • Bonnie worked at Fargo Public Schools in the Payroll Department.

  • Ruth received many awards and honors during her teaching career. In 1975 she was among the first 25 to receive the MSTC Distinguished Alumni Award. Now there are over 300 members. In 1976 Ruth was recognized as Fargo Teacher of the Year and subsequently North Dakota Teacher of the Year. In 1977 Ruth was honored as YWCA Woman of the Year in Education.

    The Fargo Public Schools implemented a resource program for the blind in the public school setting in 1959. Ruth was in charge of this program for 28 years, working with assistance from the Minnesota Communication Center For the Blind. In this program, Ruth also worked with many Minnesota students. She proudly recalled that most of these students went on to further education, including three doctorates, two pastors, a judge, etc. Several of her students have continued to visit her over the years.

    The Fargo program became internationally known and provided Ruth the opportunity to teach in Kalundborg, Denmark, and the Sorbonne University in Paris, France, University of Minnesota, and University of North Dakota.

  • Fargo Public Schools~ Special Education Teacher

  • Maxine taught in the Fargo Public Schools for 25 years.

  • Carla worked as a paraprofessional with Fargo Public Schools at Kennedy Elementary School. Carla took great care in working with the students she interacted with and treated them as if they were her own, evident in how she worried about them when they were away from school and what was going to happen to them in their future.

  • Fargo Public Schools~ Jefferson Elementary, teacher. Retired 2001.

  • She taught school at La Moure, ND for one year and at Fargo Public Schools for two years prior to relocating to Long beach, CA where she taught school also.

  • In retirement Vernice assisted at Washington Elementary School as a lunchroom supervisor for 10 years. All her children and grandchildren attended Washington School.

  • The North Dakota Broadcasting Co. named her the state's Outstanding Teacher in 1957. That epitomized a brilliant 41-year career for the English teacher, who received similar honors from the Fargo Public Schools in 1973, 1985, 1986 and 1991. After teaching high-school students in Hope, ND, Fargo Central, and Fargo South for 41 years, Alice retired in 1991.

  • Lori worked as a school psychologist for the Fargo Public School system until her retirement in 2011.

  • Mick Kester taught science for 21 years at Agassiz where he became known for “The Kester Test”. He transferred to Centennial Elementary for the last 12 years. After 37 years of teaching he retired in May, 2000. He also began a recycling program in the school system.

  • Cheryl retires from Fargo North High School after 25 years as an administrative assistant. She was proud of her career, the teachers she worked with, and her administrative colleagues. She had a “special attachment” to the Special Education students at North High School.

  • Fargo Public Schools~ A passionate educator for over 40 years, Nancy spent most of her career at Ben Franklin in Fargo and shared her love of U.S. History with thousands of students. She also co-taught thinking skills workshops for other teachers.

  • Fargo Public Schools~ Special Education Assistant, Washington Elementary

  • Marvis retired 2001 after teaching for 19 years at Carl Ben Eielson Elementary School in Fargo. Her teaching career and former students were memories she treasured throughout her life. Marvis received many awards, including the Fargo Education Association Golden Apple Award, Modern Woodman Community Service Award, and Who’s Who Among America’s Teachers. She made a lasting impression on former students. Throughout the years, she was invited to and attended many former students’ high school graduations and weddings.

  • Bonnie was employed in administration for the Fargo Public Schools for 22 years and served as President of the Clerical Association.

  • Phil was a music educator at Agassiz Junior High School, Fargo North High School, Longfellow Elementary School and Washington Elementary School.

    During this time, Phil enjoyed directing musical productions at both North and Moorhead State College as part of the “Straw Hat Players”. He was also involved with the Fargo-Moorhead Master Chorale and adjudicated many music contests throughout the region.
    (U.S. Navy, Korean War Veteran)

  • Stacy found her passion and second family working as a paraprofessional at Bennett Elementary. This is where she got her famous nickname “Mrs. L”.

  • After retiring from the police department and the Guard, Jim worked for a time as a hall proctor and paraprofessional for Fargo Public Schools.
    (North Dakota Air National Guard)

  • Fargo Public Schools~ Retired 1999

  • Worked at Fargo Public Schools as a secretary to the principal.

  • Worked for the Fargo Public Schools at the Evaluation Training Center, a job he found very rewarding, until retiring in 2000.
    (U.S. Air Force)

  • Linda was the office manager for the Creative Arts Program for the Fargo Public Schools. A position she held until her death.

  • Aaron was employed by the Fargo Public School District as a paraprofessional and loved and excelled at working with young children.

  • Worked as a home economics and physical education teacher at Central High School.

  • Mickey worked at Longfellow Elementary School serving lunches and working with kids.

  • Tom worked for the Fargo Public Schools as a physical education teacher and coach at Hawthorne and Roosevelt elementary schools from 1950 to 1954, Fargo Central High School from 1954 to 1967 and Fargo South High School from 1967 until retiring in 1984. He truly enjoyed working with the young people he taught and coached, while becoming a friend and mentor to many of them.

    He coached boys swimming, diving and tennis for over 30 years and received many state and regional coaching honors for his work with the young people he admired. His induction into the N.D. Coaches Hall of Fame in 1984 and the Fargo South Hall of Fame in 2002, were major highlights in his life. He started off as the only swim coach in North Dakota and became a major influence in building and promoting swimming to it's current level in our state. For this he earned the honorary title of the "Father of High School Swimming" by his athletes, peers and fellow coaches.
    (U.S. Navy, World War II Veteran)

  • Evelyn worked for the Fargo Public Schools at South High School as an Administrative Assistant for 19 years, retiring in 1987.

  • Fargo Public Schools~ Fargo South, Paraprofessional

  • Jill worked at Fargo Public Schools where she enjoyed caring for and interacting with the kids.

  • Fargo Public Schools~ Elementary Teacher
    (U.S. Navy, Korean War Veteran)

  • Fargo Public Schools~ Fargo South, ELL Teacher

  • Sharyn worked a short while part time for the Fargo Public School system.

  • Fargo Public Schools~ began as a physical education teacher at Central High School in 1950. In 1954, he was named principal at Jefferson Elementary. Melvey worked as the district’s Assistant Superintendent for Instruction and Curriculum from 1970 until his retirement in 1997.
    (U.S. Navy, World War II Veteran, U.S. Navy Reserve)

  • She taught physical education in the Fargo School System and at Shanley before starting a family.

  • Fargo Public Schools~ Substitute Teacher

  • Arlene taught kindergarten at Jefferson Elementary.

  • Donna worked as a Library Aide for McKinley Elementary school until she retired in 1997.

  • Linda served as a Guidance Counselor at Washington Elementary School for 20 years.

  • Joan was a substitute science teacher in the Fargo Public School system for many years.

  • Donna taught elementary school out in Washington for three years and in Fargo upon returning to North Dakota. She also taught in Jamestown for over three decades.

  • Sam started his teaching and coaching career at St. James High School, Grand Forks, ND. In 1967 he moved to Fargo South High School where he was a math teacher and head football coach until 1976. He also coached track and field. He then became the offensive line coach at NDSU from 1976 to 1979. Sam was a radio color commentator for NDSU football from 1979 to 1985.

    In 1989 Sam returned to teaching and coaching at Agassiz Middle School. When Discovery Junior High opened he started teaching math and coached football, basketball, and track. In 2002 he began coaching girls track at Fargo South. Sam was teaching and coaching at Discovery and Fargo South upon his death.

  • Donovon joined Fargo Public Schools in 1948. Donovon taught math and coached at Horace Mann, then after receiving his masters degree from the University of Idaho was assistant principal and guidance counselor at Ben Franklin Junior High.

    In 1965 he was named principal at Clara Barton Elementary and in 1967 also assumed the duties of principal at Lincoln Elementary. One of his favorite activities was opening the gym at Clara Barton on Saturday mornings during the school year for neighborhood boys. Former teachers have fond memories of the yearly Christmas parties he and Mary hosted in their homes. This tradition continued for many years, even after his retirement in 1985. Following his retirement he was elected to the Fargo School Board and served three terms, the last year as President.

  • Carolyn was employed in the Fargo School system where she was a teacher’s aide and served many roles. She was popular with the kids, and in turn, the kids kept her young at heart. Her work there spanned over 40 years and she so enjoyed the many associations she made with the students and staff.

  • David was a teacher in the Fargo Public School system for over 40 years (full time) and a very active substitute teacher in retirement which spanned a total of 54 years. David implemented the famous “package system” in the math department at Agassiz Jr. High. This unique system was structured to allow the achievers an opportunity to learn at their own faster pace. That ultimately enabled many students to end up with college credit Calculus while still in high school. David’s gentle manner and patient teaching skills helped shape a great deal of South Fargo’s youth for many generations.

  • Joan was a teacher in the Fargo Public Schools for 34 years. In 2005, she was North Dakota Teacher of the Year.

  • Taught history and art for 34 years at Agassiz Jr. High School and was a life member of the National Education Association.

  • Fargo Public Schools Maintenance Operations

  • Fargo Public Schools~ Paraprofessional

  • Fargo Public Schools~ Started at Fargo Central in the fall of 1958 as a History Teacher. Became a charter staff member at North High in the fall of 1965. Retired in 1988. Fargo North Hall of Fame member.
    (U.S. Marine Corp, Korean War Veteran)

  • Sydney found her passion for working with children early on and carried that with her as she worked for various childcare centers before finding her home as a para professional at Lewis and Clark Elementary School. She loved sharing stories about the students she helped and was highly praised for being an “amazing employee and a integral part of the school family.”

  • Worked at Agassiz Junior High as a science teacher and counselor.
    (U.S. Army, World War II Veteran)

  • Fargo Public Schools~ First Athletic Director for the 17 Fargo Public Schools.
    (U.S. Marines 5th Division Raiders, WWII Veteran)

  • Fargo Public Schools~ Food and Nutrition Services, Ben Franklin and Fargo North.

  • Fargo Public Schools~ Math teacher, wrestling coach, football coach at Ben Franklin, retired 1999.

  • Wesley taught in the Fargo Public School System for 36 years.

  • Melodie studied and received her elementary teaching endorsements in 2019. She started teaching 1st grade at Lincoln Elementary and eventually at Washington Elementary, Fargo.

  • Bev was a long-time educator, teaching at Longfellow Elementary, and as a librarian at Clara Barton and Carl Ben Eielson Elementary, retiring in 1997. She was awarded Librarian of the Year in 1994, and many other awards and recognitions over her education career. Bev was a member of many education organizations including NEA, NDEA and FEA. She and Hollis attended every NDEA Conference during their teaching careers, including many of them after retirement.

  • Fargo Public Schools~ Fargo North High School, Business Education Teacher 1966-1995. Hollis was a member of many educational organizations including NEA, NDEA, and FEA.
    (U.S. Army)

  • Barb worked at Washington Elementary School in North Fargo as an office aide for 25 years. Many wonderful friendships were formed that have endured through the years. Barb was deeply loved and will be remembered for her kindness, strength, and always positive attitude.

  • Throughout her 38 years of teaching in the Fargo Public Schools, Jane touched many students’ lives. She was especially fond of her students at Woodrow Wilson High School where she “really learned how to teach.” After her retirement, Jane served for 17 years on the Fargo Public Schools Credit Union Board of Directors as Treasurer.

  • Lois worked at Fargo Public Schools in food service for 17 years, retiring in 1984.

  • Jeanne began teaching Spanish at Ben Franklin Junior High in Fargo and shared her experience in Spanish and world languages when needed at Fargo North High School and Carl Ben Eielson Middle School. She retired from teaching at the age of 62.

  • Over 20 years as part of Ben Franklin Middle School food-service staff.

  • Most of her teaching years were spent first at Washington Elementary in Fargo, ND and then at Clearview Elementary in Clear Lake, MN (just outside of St. Cloud.) She has, for years, had student after student reach out to tell her how much they appreciated her loving, compassionate way of teaching in their 1st Grade classroom.

  • Dellis taught secondary English and Creative Writing and chaired the English Department at South High School for 22 years.

  • Coached basketball and football at Fargo North High School.

  • Fargo Public Schools~ Roosevelt Elementary (2nd Grade), Agassiz Jr. High (Special Education Teacher)

  • In 1962 Jerry taught Biology and coached football and basketball at Fargo Central High School. In 1964, Jerry assumed the role as the first football coach and taught Biology at the newly opened Fargo North High School and remained in that capacity until 1973. In 1973 he continued to teach Biology for North, and also coached football at Moorhead State University until 1975. It was at this time Jerry decided to leave the classroom he loved and accept the position as the Assistant Principal/Athletic Director at Fargo North. From 1979 to 1984 Jerry was the Principal at Agassiz Junior High School in South Fargo. In 1985 Jerry accepted the role as the Director for Athletics for the Fargo Public Schools and remained in that position until his retirement in 1991.
    (U.S. Army)

  • Taught in Fargo Public Schools as a substitute teacher and in adult education.

  • Beverly worked professionally part-time in several areas of Home Economics as: Director of Adult Education, Fargo Public Schools, Fargo Public Schools adult clothing teacher (evening classes and a television course: “Successful Sewing” on KXJB-TV and WDAY-TV).

  • Dolly spent over fifty years teaching, with 45 years in the Fargo Public School System helping children with learning disabilities she was a favorite of many students.

  • Jane worked for a time as a paraprofessional at Clara Barton elementary school.

  • Fargo Public Schools~ English teacher and librarian at Discovery Middle School, Ben Franklin Middle School, and Fargo South High School. She loved her students and made a positive impact on many young lives.

  • Kathy was a well-known educator in the Fargo schools for nearly 40 years, championing the educational rights of students with special needs. She was the principal at Roosevelt Elementary School in Fargo for four years, was then moved to Longfellow Elementary School as principal, and retired in 2008.

  • Melva retired as a food service manager of the Fargo Public Schools.

  • In 1993, Phyllis retired from teaching with about 30 of those years logged at Roosevelt Elementary.

  • Jeanette worked at Clara Barton from 1950 to 1954. She became the principal at Washington Elementary School in 1954 and remained there until 1970. From 1970 to 1979, Jeanette was a principal at Longfellow School and later became principal at Carl Ben Eielson School until her retirement in 1985.

  • Fargo Public Schools~ Library Aide, Hawthorne Elementary, Retired 1986

  • Fargo Public Schools~ Librarian, retired 2013. "Sylvia loved sharing books with her students, helping them to experience the excitement and joy of reading. The children always looked forward to coming to the library to see what excitement was in store for them each time."

  • Taught 29 years in the Fargo Public Schools. During her time with FPS she taught at Ben Franklin Junior High School and later as an art teacher at North High School. Susan along with her high school students won many national awards in the area of the arts. Her work with and for students was a passion in her life.

  • Fargo Public Schools~ 38 years in the Fargo Public Schools as the Director of Special Education.

  • Myron taught his entire 29-year career at Fargo South High School. He loved teaching Government and History and his students admired and respected him. He made learning enjoyable by utilizing his great sense of humor.

    Although Myron was an outstanding teacher, his true passion was coaching. He is still legendary at Fargo South from his days on the field and the ice. When inducted into the FSHS Hall of Fame in 2003 he was characterized as, "demanding, uncompromising, relentless, and yet caring; whose approach helped many students and athletes become the best they could be." Both his coaching and educational influence were extremely important to him. He considered many of his former students and athletes his close friends.
    (Air National Guard, U.S. Army)

  • Fargo Public Schools~ Fargo Central and Fargo South, Business Education. Retired 1995.
    (U.S. Army)

  • Martha worked for the Fargo Public Schools and Kmart prior to retirement.

  • When North Dakota integrated Special Education into the mainstream, Jean began her career with Fargo Public Schools at Woodrow Wilson School, where she team taught with several of her closest friends and colleagues. It’s also where she spent the majority of her career. A few years before her retirement the program was moved to North High in Fargo. One student in particular, “Danny”, would call on her birthday well after she retired in 1996.

  • Fargo Public Schools~ Jefferson Elementary Teacher

  • Tom taught 5th grade for his entire teaching career in the Fargo Public School System, retiring in 2002.
    (U.S. Army, Vietnam Veteran)

  • Worked for Fargo Public Schools as a building engineer, retired in 1982.

  • For 38 years Larry taught elementary school for the Fargo Public School System and retired in 2001.

  • Carol taught first grade for the majority of her 35-year career at Lincoln Elementary School. Carol also found time to earn a Master’s in Science Education in 1998 while raising a family and teaching full-time.

  • Fargo Public Schools~ Elementary Teacher, Retired 2001

  • Fargo Public Schools~ McKinley Elementary, Teacher

  • John taught school in Bisbee ND, Wolf Point MT, Williston ND, Thief River Falls MN and for many years was an English teacher at Ben Franklin Jr High in Fargo, until retirement.

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