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Grant Guidelines

Innovative Education, Music and Literacy Grant Guidelines

Deadline Updates~ 


  • Applicants must be Fargo Public School District employees. This may be a single teacher, a group of teachers/staff, or administrators. 
  • Principals or building leaders need to be consulted about the grant application to avoid duplication and to assure that the project cost cannot be funded from the regular school budget. 
  • Grants are public information and are available for all donors to read.
  • There is no limit to the number of grants awarded to a program or building in a year. 
  • Equipment purchased with Foundation grant monies is owned by the District and stays at the school where the grant originated.
  • Grant applications requesting technology equipment must be compatible with the district technology plan and must be approved by the technology department prior to submitting the application. Contact the Help Desk at 446-1090 to consult on software and electronic equipment.  
  • The Foundation may request additional information in evaluating grants. 
  • Transportation costs will be considered on a case-by-case basis. 
  • The Foundation will no longer be able to fund furniture, ball chairs, carpet, lunches, or T-shirts.
  • The Foundation cannot fund salaries or the purchase of gift cards for reimbursement.
  • A designated Grant Committee will review all applications and make final approval decisions. 
  • Grantees must submit a final evaluation report.

Priority consideration will be given to proposals:

  1. Providing students with an enriched or enhanced learning experience.
  2. Focus on Fargo Public Schools educational goals and/or the Fargo Public Schools Strategic Plan.
  3. Having the potential for both short-term and long-term educational impact.
  4. Showing creativity and innovation in their approach to education and educational goals.
  5. Collaborative in nature and funding. The Foundation may match funds from other organizations. School wide or district wide collaboration and sharing are encouraged. 

Considerations for grants WILL NOT normally be given to projects:

  1. Funded through district, state, or federal funds.
  2. Provided through the Fargo Public School District.
  3. Viewed as ineffective or inefficient use of Foundation funds.
  4. Lack an educational content or purpose.
  5. Funded continuously for three years.


Grant funds are paid to the district. The business office has set up Foundation Fund accounts for your building or program. Funds will be deposited into this account for your use.  Reminder- Funds in your building or program account may include other funds you have received from the Foundation. Make sure to use your budgeted funds when purchasing materials for your grant.

Fargo Public Schools Development Foundation should be acknowledged in your school newsletter, the Journey/Schooltalk, any media, or other outlets for any funding that is provided.

2020-21 Impacts...Thank You!

  • 18 Innovative Ed, Literacy & Music Grants

    Totaling $34,696

  • 131 Scholarships Funded

    Totaling $111,250

  • 3,500+ Students Receiving Critical Needs Help

    Totaling $156,982

  • Special Projects & Donor Designated Funds

    Funds Raised $376,037

Thank you to our Adopt-A-School Partners!

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