The Power of 10 – Fargo Public Schools Foundation Employee Giving Campaign

Welcome to the Fargo Public Schools Foundation Power of 10 Annual Employee Giving Campaign.

The Power of 10 – a simple statement, but what does it mean? Number 10 is an interesting number; it denotes an end and the start of a new beginning; it celebrates perfection; and its size grows exponentially with zeros! As an employee of Fargo Public Schools, every day you are already making an exponential impact in the lives of children…and for that we thank you.

Let’s take the Power of 10 to the next level!

Fargo Public Schools is the fourth largest employer in the City of Fargo, employing nearly 2,000 people.  Implementing the Power of 10 into that figure showcases an amazing impact!


~In its simplest form, if every employee gave $10 we will have raised $20,000!  $20,000 to help with critical needs for students, emergency cupboard situations, emergency lunch funds, supporting milk and elementary snack programs, Homeless Program, activity fees, etc. The Power of 10 impact is simple, and endless!

~For every 200 staff members who donate just $10 a month we can create a $1,000 endowed scholarship that would be perpetual.

~Averaging a $10/month donation from each staff member during the 2020-21 school year would generate more than $180,000 which could be used for innovative education grants for teachers.


The Power of 10 illustrates that by starting efforts at a small scale (just $10), we can accomplish big things.  It provides us with a framework and something tangible to visualize and strive to achieve. The Fargo Public Schools Foundation deeply appreciate support at all levels, and hope this campaign inspires each and every one of us to take that next step forward in support of our students and our community by putting the Power of 10 to work for all of us.

Ways to use your Power of 10:

  1. See the PDF link HERE for the Employee Donation Form.
    (They will also be distributed and available in your buildings).
  2. Online donation 
  3. Cash or check given/mailed to the Foundation

100% of your employee donation goes back to the designation of your choice!