Caring Catalog helps Impact Student Critical Needs

From Nov. 22 to Dec. 31, community members can donate to Fargo Public Schools Foundation through the Caring Catalog to help provide basic needs to students, including food, clothes, hygiene products, school supplies, and many other things to support students with their education through the Critical Needs program. 100% of your donation comes directly back to the Critical Needs program there are no credit card fees taken out when donating through the Caring Catalog.

The Critical Needs program is organized through the Fargo Public Schools Foundation to ensure that each and every student who needs help with basic needs receives support. A school administrator states, “We are seeing a greater number of middle school students who do not event have a winter coat. Actually, some students are constantly moving from house to house of friends, because they no longer have support from their family.”

The Critical Needs program helps students in need. All 23 schools in the Fargo Public School district have students and families that are struggling to make ends meet. When basic or critical needs are not being met students struggle to learn and receive a valuable education. The Critical Needs program supports theses needs which in turn helps support a positive learning environment, allowing the student to focus on their education.

Your donations make an impact by supporting the following:

  • Critical Needs funds to all 23 schools
  • Homeless Program
  • Got No Milk Program
  • Emergency Lunch Fund
  • Fargo Davies, North, South, and Woodrow Wilson Hybrid Food Pantries
  • Liz's Closet, which supplies all three middle schools with critical and basic needs supplies for students
  • Husky Hutch, first food pantry in an elementary school at Clara Barton Elementary-provides for all Elementary Schools in the district